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How to Qualify your Vendor?
Proven track record

Over a decade, Exactus has performed hundreds of successful implementations, gaining customer confidence. Exactus has gained customer confidence with scalable feature rich application, supported by dedicated technical resources. Strong customer reference is proof of the proven track record.

Commitment to the Domain

Exactus is dedicated to the domain it handles. Exactus resources are well versed with the business, guiding the users with the right procedures and process thereby helping its customers to achieve business excellence. Commitment and deep domain knowledge in inevitable to address complex situations with right solutions. 

Maximum Functionality

The product offers unmatched functionality to handle basic tasks to complex procedures. No limits are set to address the functional aspects of the business, which never puts hurdles to operational parameters. 

Support Services

Exactus offers superior support services to address customer issues and quires. It is the top most priority at Excactus to address each and every support tickets without compromising the quality. 


Exactus products are neither low priced nor high priced. We match as per the market standards and ensures the ROI on every investment made on us, in fact above the expectations.

Complete transaction Management

The procedures and processes, ensures complete transaction management with complete traceability from the start to the end. Flawless transaction management is imperative to a Operation software.

Ease of Use

Across the all the interfaces, the Exactus applications maintains standards and intuitive interfaces for easy navigation. User training and interface adaptability is no more a challenge thereby achieving operational efficiency. 


The application is designed to accept fair level of flexibility to accommodate user suggestions and requirements. With a well designed architecture along with clear business principles, we were able to be flexible without compromising the integrity.

Seamless integration

With a flexible and open architecture, the application has limitless integration capabilities to address dynamic customer requirements. While it is being integrated with most of the popular applications, integration is never a bottleneck.

Powerful reporting and Analytics

The application come with hundreds of sensible reports and analytics for daily operation needs, both at the user level and management level. Apart from the in-built reporting features, in depth Analytics are available on popular Business intelligence and analytical tools.

Technology standards and Scalability

Exactus technical team ensures abreast of technology, to update the customers with latest technology trends in the digital world. As the technology changes rapidly, we at Exactus picks the right standards and trends to be at par to address the challenging business situations and demands.

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