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Aware Application Architecture.

'Aware' application is designed with a solid architecture to handle the complexities of Logistics operations, wherein the customization of the entire application is never a bottleneck.

It is one of the few available products which caters to all the requirements for a Third-party Logistics (3PL) provider.


Exactus offers a one-stop solution for enterprise 3PL providers.

architecture 002.JPG


architecture 003.JPG

System architecture

Aware Appeon PowerServer works with standard n-tier architecture. Each tier serves a specific purpose in the architecture, though it may not necessarily reside in the same physical machine. For example, the Web server, application server, and the database server can reside in one machine or in different machines. A single-tier may also be spread across multiple physical machines. For example, the application server can consist of a cluster of PowerServer computers to provide load balancing and failover.



Aware Application Integration

Exactus applications coexist with other software applications based on the business requirement. It also can integrate with web services for data exchange. The current business scenario demands IT and end-users working on multiple platforms and applications. It has a built-in connector with all the major ERP applications and regional customs portals using various methodologies for data exchange. Exactus applications are open for integration to achieve business objectives, be it hardware or software integration.

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