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Supply Chain Management software is used to improve the effectiveness and reliability of a third-party logistics provider's warehouse activities. It aids in warehouse architecture, which allows for the customization of workflow to optimize storage capacity and streamline picking and packing. This form of the program can monitor product accuracy, create packaging lists, and notify customers of shipments. It also aids in the management of labour, cold storage, RFID assistance, freight monitoring, analytics, and reporting.


Freight forwarding

Logistic software is a robust multi-modal solution for handling dynamic transport processes, from loading and manifest formation to distribution sequences. It covers all aspects of air, sea, and ground freight activities such as import, export, and trans-shipment, as well as road transport pickup and dispatch. Order, buyer, and tariff administration, work costing, paper preparing, and online shipping tracking/tracing with full audit trace for delivery validation are all part of it. Market intelligence data models for production and cost analytics are available for tracking business performance and optimizing freight visibility.


Automobile Logistics

Supply chain management software enables businesses to simulate, optimize, and assess supply chain and transportation network processes, resulting in significant expense, service, sustainability, and risk reduction changes.


Cold Chain

The cold chain management guarantees that temperature-sensitive goods are maintained within optimal temperature ranges and retain their target states from beginning to end. It contributes to the effective control of temperature-sensitive materials. It also aids in the quality assurance so any problems of quality can be resolved immediately and prompt remedial action can be taken.


Sports wear and Equipments

This feature allows you to create customized automation triggers, which can then be used to validate paying orders, create pick lists, shipment marks, invoices, tag goods, create bundles, plan manifests, and even locate the shipping partner based on the shipping address. Customers can shop online and pick up from the supermarket, or order in store and have it shipped to their home, since inventory is updated instantly across both platforms. If they are flying, they can even buy in one country and return in another. In all networks, automatic systems provide reminders of limited or surplus stock.


Spare Parts

You can monitor spare parts stock levels through retailers, markets, or places, and set up automated reminders or orders to keep what's on the shelves in sync with real consumer needs. A sophisticated framework may also consider supplier and maintenance lead times, which can help to minimize backlog and increase quality.


Retail Distribution

With the right combination of web presence, mobile outreach, and advanced back-end capabilities, logistics software enables retailers to have the best shopping experience to their customers. It also offers custom retail solutions for brick and mortar stores, e-commerce, convenience stores, and food stores, dealerships, shopping carts, and smartphone systems.


Pharma Distribution

Logistic Software manages all functions of the pharmaceutical wholesale and delivery market. It has comprehensive accounting and inventory management features, as well as enhanced functionality for traceability, lot monitoring, EDI integration, barcode inspection, and warehouse management. These features function in conjunction to simplify procedures, improve accountability, and help in regulatory enforcement.


Fleet and Transportation

Logistic software offers insight into day-to-day shipping activities, customs enforcement records and paperwork, and ensures freight and goods are delivered on schedule. It also simplifies the shipping process and allows companies to better plan and maximize their transportation activities, whether by land, air, or sea. This results in more effective transit preparation and implementation, which contributes to increased customer loyalty.


High end Electronics

A highly advanced logistics solution that focuses solely on high-end electronics. It offers specialized program management for demonstration of vehicles, finished products, and returns, as well as contract logistics and fulfilment services. Control towers, experienced employees, and sharing services - with clean rooms around the world for high-tech hardware and appliances - back up the manufacturing, logistics, and software experience. It also provides storage, transfer, and installation services for the computers, hardware, and telecommunications devices.

Chemicals Storage and Distribution

Supply Chain Management allows for the optimal handling of hazardous and temperature-sensitive materials, such as toxic and sterile goods, as well as adequate packaging and warehousing in special locations. It tracks best-before hours, maintains full batch and series traceability, and delivers critical chemicals rapidly and efficiently.

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