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Enterprise Solutions for Logistics and Supply chain

EXACTUS SYSTEMS founded in 2004 offers world class Logistics and Supply Chain Management Consulting (SCM) on a global scale.

Having networks in the key regions of the Middle East, GCC Countries and INDIA, EXACTUS provides effective and reliable support and service to its clients. EXACTUS strength is the ability to integrate the core competences of Logistics and SCM into all of its processes and services which transcends client’s expectations.We design strategies, develop cost-effective alternatives, determine IT processes product and equipment and implement the solutions.

Leveraging insights gained from implementations, we take the responsibility to handhold and support the start-up and fine-tune the collaborative sales and operations planning decisions, while improving supply chain operations across the board.

"Exactus” is established based on our foundation of talented and dedicated employees and that is the core reason for our continuous growth collectively. Our staff participates in hundreds of hours of onsite implementation thus achieving high level of expertise in all areas.

State of the art radio frequency and bar coding technologies are integrated with the core logistics and warehousing functionality of Exactus to address all key business requirements including order management, receiving, location and storage management, quality control, put away, picking, replenishment, shipping, counts, returns and related warehouse task management.


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