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Aware ERP
Aware SCM

Enterprise Solutions for Logistics, Warehousing, and Supply Chain Management



Third party Logistics (3PL)

Improve efficiency and productivity across all warehouse operations. Build responsive and flexible distribution networks. Automate end-to-end operations to achieve accurate on-time deliveries, provide real-time visibility to clients and deliver superior levels of customer service. Track and manage activity-based costs to achieve an overall reduction in operational costs.


Freight Management

Streamline air, sea and land freight operations for import, export and trans-shipment. Improved coordination between the various stakeholders (customers, agents, carriers, customs). Integration with Warehouse, Finance, Transportation and customs portals ensure better user experience and customer satisfaction.


Finance Management

Manage your P2P cycle, O2C cycle, R2R cycle, Fixed Assets and GL. Seamlessly integrated with all the Aware modules. The highly flexible billing module reduces the billing cycle time and improves cash flow. Real time visibility of financial information and KPIs assists management in taking quick and informed decisions.


Asset Management

Real-time tracking and monitoring of asset utilization and performance. Maintain a complete history of vehicles from acquisition to end-of-life. Manage preventive, planned, and unplanned repairs and maintenance ensuring increased asset availability.


Labour Management

Maintain and track every labor activity at a granular level. Dynamically allocate and reallocate a workforce to various activities like picking, packing, delivery, etc. to meet challenging real-time requirements. Assign targets and set benchmarks to monitor labor productivity and control costs.


Transport Management

Reduce the overall transportation cost (CAPEX/Rental) by improving truck utilization. Automate processes from booking to invoicing, monitor real-time performance and enhanced visibility of trips. Route management ensures on-time deliveries enhancing customer satisfaction.


Van Sales

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Direct Sales Delivery. Real-time tracking of manpower and dynamic route allocations help optimize resource allocation and reduce cost per route. Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) lets you get delivery details and receivers signature of acceptance is captured digitally.


HR Management

Maintain complete and up-to-date employee records and history. Set alerts for documents expiries, renewals. Define and design tasks for job analysis, workforce planning, selection, recruitment, training and  performance management. Maintain time & attendance and leave records. Manage pay structures. Payroll processing and generation is made simple

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BI & Analytics

The integrated BI/Analytics provides accurate and real-time information relating to all aspects of Supply Chain including Sourcing, Inventory management, Deliveries, Returns management and Resource/ Asset utilization. This helps management to plan and take quick informed decisions thus improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the entire Supply Chain operation.  

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Job Costing

Create and maintain estimates for job/work orders at the activity and resource level. Capture actual costs for each job/work order at a granular level and perform variance analysis. Automatically send out alerts, instructions, and event information. KPIs and batch IDs help to measure productivity and maintain traceability throughout the production cycle till delivery. Keep track of the entire history of the project. Tightly integrated with all the other Aware modules.

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Inventory Management

Gain real-time visibility and insight into stock arrivals, placements, orders and dispatch. Re-order management and expiry management reduces overall inventory holding cost. Optimize inventory levels to enhance customer satisfaction and improve profitability. Robust cycle counting options based on various parameters and periodicity to ensure high level of inventory accuracy.


Container Freight Station

Consolidate or de-consolidate freight shipments and stage shipments between transport legs. Manage the receipting, dispatching and clearance of containerized cargo, maintain up-to-date inventory control and tracking to locate containers and cargo.

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Mobile Apps

Improve speed, accuracy and tracking of all activities in the supply chain management space. Improves communication and real-time data sharing between all the players involved in the supply chain. All this helps to enhance customer satisfaction, reduce the invoice to cash cycle time, reduce errors eventually leading to reduction in overall operations cost.

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Customs Documentation

Maintain and track all customs-related information like customs bill of entry, product harmonized codes, ownership transfers, customs deposits, standing guarantees, etc. for imports and exports. Meet various regional requirements involved in international shipping.

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Trading Partner Management

Aware TPM is a secured web-based interface that allows you to share key business information with your trading partners. Access is tightly controlled and you decide what information is made available to a trading partner. Real-time visibility of orders, shipments and movement of inventory through the entire supply chain can be accessed from anywhere in the world using a simple web browser.


Clients across
UAE, KSA, India and other geographies.

USD 50 Million + 

inventory handled

2,000 +  active users 




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